We are Tiago and Beatrice, destination wedding and portrait photographers based in Italy and available worldwide. 

We are a couple and partners, photography is our common passion and we want to share it with you. That’s why we decided to shape our ideas into this project called “Alloro Fotografia” which comes from the surname of Tiago, Loureiro, which means “alloro” (laurel) in portuguese. Tiago, originally portuguese, lived until 2016 in Caracas (Venezuela) before coming to Italy where he met Beatrice in Milan. Beatrice is italian and she lived until 2014 in a small town near Modena. The different lifes we had left a strong mark on the way we see things and our differences are also our strength.  

Alloro Fotografia gives us the possibility to express ourselves and to make people happy at the same time. Our idea of photography is to catch couple’s emotions in the most natural and discreet way. We will never ask you poses or traditional shots but we will try to involve you in the art of photography, which is never predictable. What we will do is to make you special. Every love is different and has its own language and way to be caught. We believe that love can be represented in various forms and not only through clichés. Visit our portfolio to get an idea and try to imagine how could your story be.

We would be honored to be your personal photographers during the wedding path, from the engagement until the post-wedding photoshoot. If you want to meet us for a quick chat, we are always available and if we are too distant we can always meet virtually on skype!

Now it’s your turn to tell your story,
We are waiting for you.