About Engagement Sessions

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It’s a chance to capture a tiny biography. We are all about embracing individuality, showcasing creativity, and illustrating the love you share. Our sessions are laid back with a bit of fun and the resilt is warm photos to share who you are with the one you love. Aside form having photos of the two of you, this session is when we really get to know each other. Just the two of you, the two of us, and the camera.

We’ll learn a lot about each other’s personalities so the next time we’re in front of the camera together, it’ll just fell like coming home again; it’s really amazing how much we learn about how people interact with each other just hanging out for a few hours taking pictures.

After the session, we are always open to any feedback you may have in case we need to change anything up the next time we’re out shooting together! Some people prefer more kissing photos (we generally don’t do a lot of those), sometimes portrait sessions lead people to find their “good side”, whatever the case may be!

When to book

Choosing a date for your session

We can schedule our session together on any day of the week and, ideally, we’ll be shooting in the evening or early morning. The best light is right at sunrise and two hours before sunset.

As early as a sunrise session sounds (and totally is), we promise, the light is perfect. It is even more fresh, and if it’s a mid-summer session, it’s a perfect way to beat the heat.

We know that it’s not always easy to schedule on a week day morning or evening,but take in account that the sidewalks are always a little more cleared out, parks are usually emptier, and we can schedule further out in advanced if you’re willing to plan for a weekday!

When you book might be aware on what you intend to use the photos for. Save the Dates are pre-invitations usually sent out at least 4 months before the wedding. Since the average edit time for engagements is 1 week, we recommend scheduling your session at least five months out from your wedding day for Save the Date purposes.

If your plan is to order a guest book or an engagement album to display at the wedding, we recommend scheduling at least two months before the wedding; this will include the week for us to deliver the images and still give you enough time to design and print with consumer level book printer, if you choose to do so!

If these photos are just a chance for us to get to know each other, for you to get some pre-wedding day practice in, or a chance to get photos done in a non-wedding set up, then you get to choose anytime of the year that works best for you! If you wanted to incorporate ice cream cones, that would work best on warmer spring or summer days, while bundled plaid layers are best in autumn, and beach and campfire sessions are perfect for warm summer nights.


We hope you’ve found this litte guide usefull! We will be writing more content about what to wear for the session, how to pick a location and how to plan for the best light possible on the wedding day!

 Stay tuned!

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