Modena, Italy

Sara + Giovanni

Genesis - Unity
1st September 2018

After a long time since our first meeting in December 2017, the “day” has come. We woke up, we prepared our equipment and we left for the bride and groom’s houses. When we arrived an intense atmosphere welcomed us together with a house full of friends and relatives ready to celebrate the whole day. The hours before the ceremony are special. All the emotions concentrate in a very short period: happiness, euphoria, hope, concern, chaos, everything gathers in a unique sensation which will always be remembered. 

After some racing around Modena’s streets, we arrived to the church, where Giovanni was waiting together with their friends and dogs. Finally, probably some hours late, the bride reached the destination e they could see each other for the first time.

Then, after the ceremony, we changed location for the party. On board of a great vintage car we got to Villa Fiori di Loto, a special place absorbed in the charming countryside. Here we stayed for the whole night celebrating this beautiful couple and their love. 

This is how this special day ended. It ended with sara and Giovanni’s smiles while facing the challenges organized by their friends. they fought and ateas many pastries they could in one minute and many other funny things (yes guys, we saved you from the most embarassing pictures!). 
We thank you for choosing us in this important path and who knows, maybe we will soon meet again behind the camera for something even more special! 

So let’s say, to be continued…

Your friends and photographers. 

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